“A suit made by Detlev seems to have been made without effort, it's incredibly comfortable to wear. It is identifiable as a work of real bespoke tailoring at first glance, but with an inimitable, very contemporary dandy twist. Here's how I lost track of my Savile Row tailor.”
Jean-Pierre Marois, Les Bains Paris

“Detlev Diehm is the Latin German. He is precise, but never rigid.”
Christophe Pradere, Founder BETC DESIGN, Paris

“In this niche of customers in search of refinement, there is hardly anyone better to be found than Detlev Diehm.”
Adriano Sack, Icon

“Incredible what Detlev Diehm makes possible so that his customer can say: this is my coat.”
Philip Cassier, die Welt

“The maximum of individualization is offered by one who refers to an old craft: Detlev Diehm.  He has dedicated his entire career to the suit, now he refines it at its source. There is no other garment that can be so driven to perfection. ”
Grit Thoenissen, Tagesspiegel Berlin

“The pleasure of having Detlev Diehm tailor a suit or coat for you starts when choosing your fabric. To dive into into the swatches with both hands, and to philosophize about their density, drape and movement is just as nice as to see the model emerge in the fitting process. Almost in the spirit of a sculptor. The result is more than just a suit. It is something that lives.”
Oliver Jahn, Editor-in-Chief AD Architectural Digest

“As an art dealer I’m constantly on the move, and traveling for business has been made easier with Diehm Bespoke suits. The sublime tailoring allows me to get off an exasperatingly long flight and head to a meeting looking quietly stylish, and professional.”
Leo Koenig, Leo Koenig Art Gallery, New York

“Only one makes these shoulders says Alois Loew, owner of Loews PR and one of Germany‘s best dressed men.”
Adriano Sack, Icon

“Our favorite tailor travels to Paris...”
Markus Ebner, Achtung Mode

“Detlev Diehm was a tailor at Bayerische Staatsoper, studied fashion design in Milan and dressed Roger Moore and Richard Gere. He is tailoring a suit in up to 80 hours.” 
Max Sprick, Süddeutsche Zeitung